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Simi Valley Healthcare Center welcomes people from all cultures and
all faiths. We meet individual needs with respect and sensitivity.

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About Simi Valley
Healthcare Center

Simi Valley Healthcare Center is a skilled live-in nursing facility located in Ventura County in beautiful Simi Valley, California. As a healthcare provider we offer our residents stimulation, individualized programs designed to provide comfort, security, safety, and freedom in a warm, caring, and homelike atmosphere. We strive to understand the individuality of each person and we are committed to providing quality care. Our integrated team of professionals helps residents recover to their optimum level of independence. Our experienced, multi-level therapists enable many residents to eventually return home.

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Our Different Approach


Simi Valley Healthcare Center is shaping and changing the way the healthcare is being delivered. With the fusion of world class healthcare and personalized hospitality, you encounter an experience that is truly unique and memorable. Serving a great experience one guest at a time.

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